ALL PUBLICATIONS (updated Feb 2022)

Felix Rustemeyer, Julia Barrott, Matthew Fielding, Adam Wickenden, Gustaf Hugelius, Alexia Briassouli (2022). Tracking rapid permafrost thaw through time: Exploring the potential of convolutional neural network based models. Contribution to the 2022 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium. 10.1109/IGARSS46834.2022.9884869

Francis Johnson, Nella Canales, Matthew Fielding, Ganna Gladkykh, May Thazin Aung, Rob Bailis, Mbeo Ogeya & Olle Olsson (2022) A comparative analysis of bioeconomy visions and pathways based on stakeholder dialogues in Colombia, Rwanda, Sweden, and ThailandJournal of Environmental Policy & Planning

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Ochieng, C. Haghparast-Bidgoli, H. Batura, N. Odhiambo, A. Shannon, G. Copas, A.  Palmer, T. Dickin, S. Noel, S. Fielding, M. Onyango, S. Odera, S. Eleveld, Mwaki, A. Vanhuyse, F. & Skordis, J. (2019). Conditional cash transfers to retain rural Kenyan women in the continuum of care during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period: protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial. Trials. 20:152

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Fielding, M., Gill, T., 2012. What do we really mean by rural food security? CCAFS Blog.

Fielding, M., Ninsiima, D, 2012. From motorbike to mobile phone: new extension services for rural farmers through mobile ICT.

BSc and MSc Thesis work in Amazonian Peru.

Wider interest Blogs.

Biogas- The ultimate sustainable energy source and social equaliser?

Diagnosis: Late Capitalist Depression

I was profiled on the FoodTank for my work with food security and communication.

Articles in another format:

What should research priorities be if we want to increase food availability

Read about a new framework for modelling soil structure dynamics, which is designed to be compatible with soil–crop models.

What do we really mean by rural food security?

We tried to understand why pregant rural women to didn’t access antenatal and postnatal care which would reduce maternal and child mortality and morbidity and would cash incentivise them to do so

Assessed the current 2016 state of the bioeconomy in Thailand

Showing how manure has a transformative value in rural economies in Bangladesh

Exploring power relations embedded in home garden interventions in development projects

Showing how electrinic health records can help developing countries to leapfrog ineficient healthcare recording systems and give citizens greater access to their own data.

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